Peter Wegner is an American artist and graduate of Yale University. He lives in California with his wife and child.

Wegner’s practice focuses on systems – of color, language, architecture and mapping. For Wegner, systems are rarely systematic. They are contingent, ad hoc, incomplete. Hence his paradoxical artwork: walls made of paper, buildings made of sky, monuments to the process of change itself. 

Wegner's work belongs to the permanent collections of many museums, including:
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York NY
The Museum of Modern Art, New York NY
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco CA
The Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven CT
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles CA
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles CA
The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles CA

Wegner has written that his work “begins in the world.” He goes on to say that “Nothing is truly separable from anything else; Nothing is set apart. Objects by their nature are ambiguous, attached, embedded.”
Systems often appear in Wegner’s work, common ways to name and number, classify and code, measure and map. Wegner has described these common forms of organizing experience as “invisible” because too familiar. “As a culture, we’ve lost our amazement. My job is to bring it back, to recognize the beauty and strangeness of the most ordinary things.”

Four permanent installations by Wegner are located on the Stanford University campus, including Monument to Change As it Changes.

Wegner's work has been widely exhibited domestically and internationally. Solo exhibitions include the Leipzig Museum (Leipzig DE), Lever House (NYC), and The Bohen Foundation (NYC). In recent years, SFMOMA has showcased Wegner’s diverse body of work, exhibiting three large installations (including The United States of Nothing) and his photographic series Buildings Made of Sky. 

Private collections with significant holdings of work by Wegner include The Panza Collection, Varese IT and Sammlung Rosenkranz, Berlin DE.

View Wegner's talk at TEDx New York.

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